Don’t let this be the last sign you see!

Please take a minute to fill out our Petition below.

The Developer has submitted plans to make Katie Belle’s into 7 apartments!

This will come before the Town of Lady Lake Commission May 2, 2022. You need to contact your Commissioner and let them know your thoughts!

There will be a petition here soon for you to fill out which will be read into the meeting minutes. You need to be involved.

The Mayor of Lady Lake supports this effort to keep Spanish Springs Town Square from having apartments in Katie Belle’s and on Main Street. Who knows their plan for the Rialto?

Will Katie Belle’s become a boarded up eyesore like the Rialto? Don’t let it happen to your home town!

We need a lot of help. If you happen to know a retired City Planner who would like to help, have them contact Mayor Jim Rietz at or 352 205 1555.

No Apartments in Spanish Springs Petition

This petition will be presented to the Town of Lady Lake Commission on May 2, 2022 when the Villages is to ask for a building permit for apartments in Spanish Springs where Katie Belle’s is located.

Those living within the Town of Lady Lake need to also contact your Commissioner to voice your voting suggestion to them. All addresses will be verified for inclusion of one of the 5 Wards in the Town.

A list of the approximate areas for each Ward:

  • Ward 1 Commissioner Ruth Kussard (Chula Vista, Mira Mesa, Rolling Acres Apartments)

  • Ward 2 Commissioner Tony Holden (East side of 441 South of Water Oaks & West side of 441 South of Griffen View Drive – both South to Lake Ella Rd.)

  • Ward 3 Commissioner Ed Freeman (Water Oak, West side of 441 between Oak Street and Griffen View Drive)

  • Ward 4 Commissioner Paul Hannan (Lakes of Lady Lake, Silver Lake, Spanish Springs, El Cortez, Recreation Plantation RV)

  • Ward 5 Commissioner & Mayor Jim Rietz (Country Club Hills, Orange Blossom Hills, West side of Silver Lake)


Contact your Commissioner (include your Ward)using the email above or by calling 352-751-1545.

Commission Maps

Download a printable version

Quick Surveys!

Second Floor Uses

Since The Villages is vacating the 2nd floor spaces on Main Street (where The Villages Media is/was), what would you like to see in those spaces? Your own answer (Other) will be displayed after approval by a team member. Let's get creative to find something to fit! You can make multiple choices.


Would you like to see Katie Belle's reopened?

Main Street Spanish Springs Town Center November 18, 2017

Main Street Spanish Springs Town Center November 18, 2017


Would you sign a petition to keep The Villages from adding apartments?


Suggestions & Comments

We are open to any suggestions!  Please let us know your thoughts! We are also looking for broken promises (documented) which could be helpful for the Town of Lady Lake.