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What happened to The Villages retirement community?

So, have you seen the online page for Middleton? Check it out!

An all-new community that will offer a variety of housing, shopping, dining and recreation, specifically designed to meet the needs of the families that serve and care for The Villages community. A new place to call home.

Notice anything? Keep looking… check out the map. Know what is just to the North of Middleton? Coleman Federal Penitentiary. That will help sell houses! Would you want your kids going to school there? Would you live there?

Also, notice all the pictures and videos with younger people? And we thought this was a retirement community!

We have talked with a couple of long time residents (25+ years) who thought Spanish Springs square was owned by the residents until The Villages said, whoops, that is ours. If you happen to have any documents noting this, please fill out the Suggestion Form below.

You may have heard Ward 1, 3, & 5 are up for election November 2, 2021. Ward 1 and 5 are running unopposed. Ward 3 has two candidates, Ed Freeman and John Brinson (an employee of The Villages). We support Ed Freeman. More information will be forthcoming.

Jim Rietz, one of five Lady Lake Commissions, supports this effort to keep The Villages from changing the lifestyle we moved here for. Jim believes the residents of Lady Lake do not want Apartments in Spanish Springs Town Square and needs your help to prove that to be true.

Jim was one of three Commissioners who voted against The Villages. Contact your Commissioner and let them know your opinion! They need to vote for you not themselves!


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Second Floor Uses

Since The Villages is vacating the 2nd floor spaces on Main Street (where The Villages Media is/was), what would you like to see in those spaces? Your own answer (Other) will be displayed after approval by a team member. Let's get creative to find something to fit! You can make multiple choices.


Would you like to see Katie Belle's reopened?

Main Street Spanish Springs Town Center November 18, 2017

Main Street Spanish Springs Town Center November 18, 2017


Would you sign a petition to keep The Villages from adding apartments?


Would you donate to a GoFundMe like fund to help with attorney fees to assist the Town of Lady Lake?


Suggestions & Comments

We are open to any suggestions!  Please let us know your thoughts! We are also looking for broken promises (documented) which could be helpful for the Town of Lady Lake.